pbr chillin
so real

blunt dance

Anonymous said: Take off bra..



Anonymous said: I want us to park in a parking garage somewhere, car facing out, and I walk around to open your door, you get out and you think I’m gonna close it behind you but instead I turn you over and slip inside you and start pounding into you and if a car happens to go by, I push your head down and so they’ll just think I’m getting something from the car but in reality I’m fucking the life out of you. -kb

keep dreamin

damn tho

Anonymous said: Hey how's your head?


I’m going to start posting more of my photography & poetry. I’ve become too disconnected


( ≧Д≦)

Anonymous said: Why do you only reblog nature pictures????

sometimes I like to imagine I’m there in the pictures. it calms me down when my thoughts start spinning