Anonymous said: Hey it's your number one fan here!


check it out! my face thoughts


aye check out my music/beats!!! just put out a new song lemme know what you think!

Anonymous said: Your music is amazing.

dam that’s tight B)

Anonymous said: I told you I'm your number one fan. You're amazing

my fan or my music?

Anonymous said: Trust me with a fan like me you are. If I believe you believe . Okay got it

dam I have a fan that’s tight

Anonymous said: When your famous. Could you then sign me

I’m probably never gonna be famous ahaha

Anonymous said: Yay that's great. You should it's be great. And by the way if you ever want to become famous I'll sign you 😉

bitch I know the based god got that email on lock ~~~

Anonymous said: Whatttttt you shouldn't be shy. If you love to do it might at well do it. Nothing could stop you. You have to make your next song no rapping just singing. For me your number one fan lol

hahaha the only problem is I get hella nervous and then my voice shakes/cracks n it’s all bad. but actually I was thinkin about doing one. we’ll see :)

Anonymous said: Hey it's me again. Do you only rap or do you sing as well

I only rap for now. I actually secretly love singing tho and wanna incorporate the two but I’m hella shy when it comes to singing in front of people



the best shot I’ve taken of blue pool to this day. it’s definitely cold, definitely worth getting in, and definitely one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.


Vincent van Gogh - The Kingfisher

lunarvar69 said: I really want to play play those tits honey


Anonymous said: Thanks for the update lol. I'll be sure to download, buy your album once it's available

oh it’ll def be free to download. thanks for the support homie :) much love!

Anonymous said: Great music though. Just post more recently so I could listen to more

I should have an album dropping in the next few weeks hopefully (fingers crossed) and I have my laptop back so I can start making more beats! I’ll keep y’all updated :)